Free money

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Green paper

It’s simple really, we live on a world run on greed. I used to look down on us because of it, but there’s nothing wrong with it, because that’s the way people were made. Not just people, but creatures. Wolves and lions kill each other to become the alpha. Animals fight for food. In all world we see green paper  as important. We see it as something that can buy us food, thus are instincts tell us to do anything to get it. However, we aren’t animals (technically yes we are but you get my point). We are smart amazing creatures just look what we made the world to be, but if you begin to look you don’t see all good. You see cars that run on fuel taking us wherever, but you also see cars polluting the earth. There comes a point where we must ask ourselves, are humans meant for the greater good or the opposite?

The Human Brain

They say the human brain is the most incredible and important piece of a human, but the brain can not see. Only the eyes can see. The brain is blind. Yes, the brain is amazing, but it can’t move. Only the legs can move. The brain is paralyzed. Only the legs can move. Yes, the brain is incomprehensible, but it can’t speak. Only the mouth can speak. The brain is speechless. The brain is all-knowing, but it can’t hear. Only the ears can ear. The brain is deaf. The brain is mysterious, but it can not feel. Only the heart can feel. Only the heart can love. So who’s to say the brain is the most important piece, when we need each and every single one.


okay guys last post of the day. I have a thing for poems, and I wrote this one awhile back. I hope you enjoy.

I’ve learned that life is a lot like water. I can push you down, drown you, and sink you to the bottom. However, it can also take you and float you to the top. But if you really want to get somewhere you can’t just lay on your back, or sit on the bottom of the ocean floor. You have to stand up and walk even if your feet can’t reach the bottom yet! water-background-42


if you search up a definition of fear on google you’ll get something along the lines of this…..fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. We as humans associate fear with all things bad, but have you ever wonder if fear could be a good thing? We all are scared of something, whether it be death or spiders we all fear. Though some fears like fears of skydiving (heights) can keep us from doing fun things, other fears keep us alive. What keeps us from running off a cliff? The fact that you want to live? Maybe, you’re scared of the fall? Maybe, you’re scared of death?

Comment what you’re afraid of.